Rent Info

Before  you place your rental, we ask that you send us an email so we can send you a release form for any incidentals. Also note the shoot date and any dress alternates in case the item desired is not available. 

Please note that placing a rental via the shop does not guarantee the rental unless you have provided us with the above information. 

If certain gowns do not allow you to choose a date for a rental, please send us an email first to check and see if that gown is available. 

Please notify us of any rentals AT LEAST two weeks from your rental date. We are no longer accepting last minute rentals; we must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance. 

Once an item is dispatched, we are not responsible for delays due to carrier. We will honor alternate shoot dates in an event of a delay. 

We hope you find the most amazing item for your shoot or event!